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LUPA JusticeLUPA JusticeLUPA Justice

LUPA Justice is a non-profit organization that mentors youth and empowers communities to end juvenile incarceration.



LUPA is the acronym to the book Locked Up and Put Away  by author Booker Geez. In 2015 Booker Geez resigned from his position as a juvenile counselor from the NYC Department of Juvenile Justice, which is now the Department of Youth and Family Services.  He then wrote the book describing  his experiences. But this was just the beginning, there was, and is,  still a large amount of work to do.

After publishing his book, he devoted his energy to educating parents and children about the toxic culture that is juvenile detention in America. This is how LUPA Justice was created, as a advocacy service for parents of incarcerated children.He is currently on the Manhattan Borough President’s Task Force to reform Rikers Island.  This may shock you:  there are forces at work to eliminate the forms of juvinile detention and send youthful offenders directly to prison. 

The LUPA Justice team is working hard to end juvenile incarcerations all together., to find better solutions that are effective but not horrific as would be sending a child directly to a hard core prison. Join them as they fight to eliminate juvenile detention by implementing solutions that truly get at the problems and have demonstrable effective outcomes. 


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